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com::jgoodies::binding::list::ObservableList Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::jgoodies::binding::list::ObservableList:

com::jgoodies::binding::list::ArrayListModel com::jgoodies::binding::list::LinkedListModel

Detailed Description

Combines the List and ListModel interfaces. Implementations can be used to bind lists to list-based user interface components like JList, JTable and JComboBox.

The JGoodies Data Binding ships with two predefined implementations: ArrayListModel and LinkedListModel.

See also the class comment in SelectionInList that discusses the advantages you gain if you add ListModel capabilities to a List.

TODO: Check if this type is really necessary; remove it if obsolete. Without doubt the ObservableList implementations are really useful, among others the predefined ArrayListModel and LinkedListModel. It's just that these implementations are typically used as List and exposed as ListModel, and so there may be no need for the ObservableList interface.

Karsten Lentzsch

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